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Alternative energy for
domestic situations

Generative a large percentage of your
own electrecity using
solar and wind

Sell any excess to the E.S.B

Solar voltiac panals are simple to install ,have no moving parts and working life in excess of 20 years.
The best type to use with a grid tie inverter are high voltage panals (60 volt D.C),each panel gives 40 Watt in bright sunlight and thet are conected in parallel to give increased power output.

Wind generators for domestic use usally have a maximum power output of 1 kW at a voltage in 60 volt region.
It is important to select a turbine that makes low noise at all wind speeds.
Due to the fact that energy output depends on the cube of the wind speed output power rises very quickly with increasing wind velocity.
A wind generator is subject to constant forces,rain etc and suppert wires need to be checked often and replaced if neccesary.

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